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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know my puppy is healthy?


We do our utmost to ensure you will receive a happy, healthy puppy. All of our adult dogs are DNA tested for health by the most accurate testing available. We also worked hard to find the best breeders all across the country when starting our kennel. We chose only dogs derived from AKC Champion, proven healthy, genetic lines.  Additionally, before all puppies go to their adoptive homes, they are all inspected by a licensed vet. All puppies come with AKC paperwork, Vet immunization, and worming records.  


Deposit to Hold Puppy


Deposits are provided to reserve your chosen puppy. Deposits are non-refundable in the event you decide not to purchase your reserved healthy 8 week old puppy. Deposits will be refunded if the puppy has been found to have a health issue covered in the puppy contract. Final payment is due one week before transport delivery, unless otherwise arranged via cash, credit card, or PayPal No Checks accepted for Final Payment.


Puppy Delivery/Pick Up


Puppies may be picked up in Greenville, SC, delivered via Air, or a Puppy Nanny.  This expense is in addition to the price of the puppy. Prices vary depending on your location.  Puppy pick up date is 8 weeks from date of birth.  We will hold your puppy for an additional 3 days after date of birth with no charge.  If you cannot pick up your puppy due to schedule conflicts or other obligations then after the 3 days we will charge a boarding fee of $25.o0 per day to be added to your final puppy price to be paid at puppy pickup time.  


Limited or Full Registration


All Puppies are sold with Limited Registration. 

Full registration is provided in rare cases to vetted clients only, at an additional cost arranged with Five Star Farms once the deposit is made. All details will be documented by our Puppy Contract. 


Puppy Name

You are welcome to give your chosen puppy a name once your deposit is received.  We will begin calling your puppy your name so that they get used to it. This also helps you to control your puppy once delivered. Cavaliers are known for ignoring their owners when they are running. By teaching your puppy to come when his name is called at an early age, you may save his life.


Site Visit


Customers are welcome to visit our Farm by appointment only in Greenville, SC.  


Dog Food


We feed our dogs and puppies Royal Canin dog food. After a great deal of research and trial and error, we have found it to be the best for optimal nutrition and healthy digestion. 




We offer a one year warranty against disease outlined in detail through our puppy contract.

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